The Journey Through Intuitive Eating is like Building a House

The journey through Intuitive Eating (IE) is like building a house. It starts first with a desire and then vision of what can be. But a house doesn’t just exist because you want it too. There are many steps and trials along the way. It’s not something that is done alone. 

First your vision must become a physical blue print. This is the map that will guide your journey. From that blue print you choose where the rooms will go and what they might become. Much like learning the principles of IE. 

Second, you need a team. A contractor, crew, plumber, and electrician among others. Your health team might consist of a PCP, therapist, Registered Dietitian, and supportive friends and family. 

Some might suggest that you can build a house on your own. Yes, that can be done. But it might not be as big, strong or completed as fast. You can also learn IE on your own. But the journey will be more successful with a support team on your side when things get tough. Just like running into issues when building a house, challenges will come up in you IE journey. You team is there to give you advise and guidance so you can make the most informed decision. 

Eventually your house will be built. May be it will look like you imaged, or may be it will be a bit different based on changes you made. May be it’s bigger, may be it’s smaller, but it’s yours. You worked hard and stayed dedicated. Now you can enjoy living what was once only an idea.

But what happens down the road? A pipe burst, the heat stops working, or a stair brakes. Thankfully there will always be a plumber, electrician or contractor you can call for help. Just like your IE team will be available if you ever need help while facing a new challenge. Like getting married, having kids, changing careers, illness or injury. Often big life changes can cause diet culture to reappear, either due to internal and/or external pressure. You don’t have to face those challenges alone. Your PCP, therapist, dietitian, friends and family are only a conversation away. 

Let me help support & guide you through your Intuitive Eating journey. Together we can build a strong foundation for your house.