Sometimes it’s ok to abstain from food

Let me be clear to start. I am NOT saying to exclude a food. But, you may choose to not have it in your home if you feel out of control with it. Some people have what is called a trigger food. This food is something that you binge on that ultimately makes you feel crappy physical or emotionally. And its ok to say I don’t want this in my house or limit when it is in your house. Or even limit when you eat it. 

This is not to say you can never eat this food again. Obviously you like the food. That might be part of why you binge on it. Which bring me to another point. Consider why you over consume this food. Is it hormonal, emotional, physical? Understanding why you choose to eat certain foods can help you to feel more in control with that food. Very often when you understand something, you can learn to handle it in the best way for you. And one tactic is to just avoid it. And that’s ok. This is your life journey and you decide how you want to proceed.

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