I Tried Stop & Shop PickUp For The First Time.

Today I decided to try Stop & Shop (S&S) PickUp for my groceries. Why? It’s cold, and I hate the cold. I have tennis elbow so some lifting causes pain. And lastly. I received my Covid booster Tuesday and I’m feeling very tired today. 

I ordered off the S&S app. It would be nice if there was a “Start Shopping” button once you choose pickup or delivery. Once I got to the shopping part it was easy. I just searched for the items I needed and added them to my cart. Checkout was also easy. (It would be nice if there was a scan card feature or Apple Pay option.) Then I just had to wait for my time slot to roll around. 

I pulled into one of the designated spaces and called the phone number on the sign. It would be nice if there were a direct line to the pickup area vs the general line to the store. Virtual check-in would be even better! When the person arrived with my order, they confirmed who I was & placed the groceries in the back seat. I gave them a $5 tip (I firmly believe in tipping) and they said thank you with a grateful tone. I checked to make sure I was given the correct crackers (unsalted tops). Then I drove home.

As I unpacked I checked each item. It was 90% correct and 80% good picks. The incorrect item was organic romaine hearts vs store brand (I ordered the store brand). They were the same price but… The organic brand comes in a 12oz bag. The S&S brand comes 3 hearts to a bag. Most of the time the S&S romaine bag is stuffed full. I can get 3.5-4 salads from 1 bag! The organic bag will probably make 2-ish salads (they are small). As for the picks. The romaine had brown & broken areas. The bag of fresh kale greens was old. There were obvious brown & dead leaves & stalks. And there was a build-up of water (from being in the bag to long). I’ll have to cook it sooner rather than later.

I would guess poor fruit & veggie picks are the #1 reason why most people don’t get pickup or delivery. I knew I was taking a risk but I only ordered those 2 items from that department so, meh. Not the end of the world. But if you’re like me and you’re a bit of a fresh food snob, stick with doing your own shopping. To be fair, I have had people tell me that they had good results with delivery. Someone told me the items for delivery never see a store shelf so they a fresher. I don’t know if that’s true. 

So. That is my review of the first time I tried S&S pickup. I would do it again but stick too my rule of picking my own fresh foods. 

Stay tuned for my next review 🙂